Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you to store it in the pantry, tightly closed, in a cool place, out of direct light and heat. Never place it next to the stove, because heat and light can shorten the life of the product and alter its characteristics.
The best-before date is engraved on the front of the bottle above the label.
The bottle must be stored and preserved correctly for consumption until its best-before date, the date on which it is guaranteed that the oil is 100% organoleptic.
No, Nutrioli is a pure soybean oil, therefore it does not contain cholesterol; on the contrary, its high amount of omegas 3 and 6 can help to reduce high blood cholesterol levels and may provide cardiovascular protection.
Yes, since it does not leave greasy food, it does not spatter and you can also cook with it without smoke problems, due to the fact that it has a high smoke point of 453.2°F.
There are several measurement indicators to know if you are in an optimal state of health - weight is one of them. Through the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is calculated with the following formula = Weight (kg or pounds) / Height (meters or feet)², it is an exellent way to know, the result will tell you what weight status you are in.
A balanced diet must be complete, including all food groups (fruits and vegetables, foods of animal origin, cereals and legumes), which will provide us with the necessary nutrients. It must be varied in food and preparations, balanced in proportion of each nutrient, sufficient and innocuous. It must also be adequate to your requirements, according to your age, physical activity, etc.
Both obesity and overweight depend on various factors according to each person, which is why we recommend you to visit your doctor or nutritionist who will help you design an individualized program based on your needs. To lose weight you have to take into account that it must be gradual and you have to take care of your body, Pay special attention to 3 important things: your physical activity, your diet composition and your current lifestyle habits.
Physical activity and diet are the key in order to lower your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. We recommend you to visityour doctor or nutritionist who will help you design an individualize program based on your needs. Remember that good fats, such as Omegas 3 and 6, are a key component of a balanced diet in order to take care of your cardiovascular health.
Soy protein is the main cause of seed allergies. Due to its process, soybean oil is free of this type of protein, which can be consumed without problem.
They are essential polyunsaturated fats that play an important role in our body, favoring your cardiovascular health and that we must include in our daily diet, since the body is not capable of producing them sufficiently, which is why they are known as essential. You can find them in seeds such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios, fish and vegetable oils such as Nutrioli which, due to its soy origin, is the highest in Omegas 3 and 6.
The exact amount of recommended oil will vary according to each person, due to their age, state of health, nutrition and physical activity. The oil is considered within the food group of fats and is necessary for various functions of the body, it is important to take care of the quality and quantity of the fat you consume and prefer vegetable fats that are key for a better cardiovascular health.