Nutrioli Spray® Soybean Oil Cooking Spray

Nutrioli Spray® is a practical way to control your calories and oil consumption in all your dishes.
It’s a pure soybean oil non-stick cooking spray (non aerosol) with Air Pressure Technology that makes it 100% propellant free for a healthy cooking & wellness lifestyle.

Use only the oil necessary and get a non-stick coat
while cooking with Nutrioli Spray®

Healthy Origin of Nutrioli Spray®

Nutrioli process 1

Nutrioli® harvests the best soybeans to process

Nutrioli® selects soybeans of the highest quality from US Sustainable Soybean™ certified fields. After carefully choosing the best soybeans, they get cleaned, dried, and dehulled before oil extraction. The soybeans are also heated to about 75°C to coagulate the soy proteins to make the oil extraction easier.

Nutrioli process 2

We process Nutrioli® with the highest standards

Then, we proceed with the extraction and wash the soybean oil from the prepared soybean flakes. After extraction, our soybean oil gets further refined to improve its flavor, odor, color, and stability. These refining processes remove phosphatides, free fatty acids, and pro-oxidants.

Nutrioli process 3

Nutrioli® Oil is manufactured in the most modern plant in Latin America

This process takes place in our Ragasa® facilities, our certified top-of-the-line plant. Our factory processes over 1,400 tons of oil daily, and we bottle +900,000 bottles per day. In addition, we have a certification in the SQF system to guarantee food safety at each step of the process.

Nutrioli process 4

And finally, we have Nutrioli® ready for your kitchen!

The result of this process is a high-quality soybean oil that is pumped to storage tanks to prevent air from entering the bottle, keeping Nutrioli sealed and fresh until you open it.

Nutrioli Spray® makes cooking and cleaning easier too!

  • Non-stick effect

    A fine, even layer prevents food from burning and adhering to pans without turning them greasy.

  • Use it when baking

    Add a layer to your baking tins and cupcake trays to help release cakes and muffins quickly and without tearing.

  • On your air fryer

    One spray over your food is enough to help you make those vegetables even crispier.

  • Easy Cleanup

    Thanks to its non-stick effect, your food will not stuck-on your cookware, making them easier to clean.

Nutrioli Spray® is 100% propellant-free

Nutrioli Spray's air pressure technology makes it 100% propellant-free.
Our Bag-on-Valve system also keeps the oil from being in contact with the aluminum packaging.

Non Bag-on-Valve cooking sprays

Aerosol vs diagram1
Other cooking sprays contain flammable gases and aerosols (Hydrofluorocarbon, for example); these gases are in contact with the oil and contribute to air pollution and Global Warming, since competing hydrocarbon propellants are factors in smog formation.
Nutrioli spray vs diagram2
Nutrioli Spray's Bag-on-Valve system keeps the oil from contacting the air and the aluminum can, so you only spray Soybean Oil and no harmful chemicals on your food.

Nutrioli Spray’s Benefits

  • Contains omegas 6 and
    omega 9 that can supports cardiovascular health.

  • Cholesterol free due to its vegetable origin
  • The practical non-stick effect that Nutrioli Spray makes, will help you when cooking and cleaning the dishes!
  • Our spray mechanism helps you reduce the amount of oil per serving.

Soybean Oil has a high amount of Omega 3 and 6

essential fatty acids, unlike other vegetable oils.

  • Canola


  • Safflower


  • Soybean


  • Avocado


  • Coconut


Cook with Nutrioli Spray®